Yum, Cinnabon

What happens to writers who aren't novelists? Are we destined to sell shoes and work odd jobs and lie to our parents about "how things are going" for the rest of the foreseeable future?

I have no novel in me.

I have no desire to write a novel.

I don't even like reading novels. (Yes! I said it! and I'll say it again!)

Is my resume going to continue to get longer with odd jobs that in no way prepare me for a future as anything other than the crazy aunt that lives in my nephew's basement and works at Cinnabon?

Am I, writer of short stories, destined to go the way of the Milkman?

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  1. Good questions. I've thought that I don't have a novel in me either, but I'm not so sure anymore. Still, out of anthologies, collections, and novels, I typically prefer the first two because a novel really has to pay off for the time spent reading it, especially if it's lengthy. Of the three, novels disappoint me most often.