the world's most modern baby

for xTx, the sickest chick in the projects

no one wanted it to be born, least of all it
it came out of her vagina, literally ripping
her poor sore walls the whole way out

it bit the doctor’s hand and infected him
with AIDS, it bit the nurses too but some-
how all they got were STDs

it gnawed at her nipples for blood and
curdled her milk with the power of its
mind, it shit everywhere no matter

how many diapers she strapped to its
ass, it turned angry purple all the time
and vomited even stranger colors

it ate that vomit, laughed at the horror
on her face, it fucked other babies in the
ass every time she made a play date

it grew faster than any baby in recorded
history (it had a cancer for a heart)
it ran off on all fours into the dark-

ness, surviving on bad thoughts and dirt
only to come back demanding malt liquor
and grain alcohol but that

was just the beginning, it broke into
random houses for crack, heroin, crystal
meth and angel dust, for gallons

of acid, then tripping harder than any
afterlife could ever even dream of it went
on a six day killing spree ending

hundreds of animal and human lives
and on the seventh day:
it asked for you.



  2. Aw, just gimme a time and place. You know I love being close to your eggs.

  3. hahahaha!

    bring the bacon. follow the light. i'll be there.

  4. xTx, this is kind of embarassing but Lynn is responsible for about 2/3 of my total game. She tells me what chicks dig. So, bacon smoothie it is...

  5. make it a bacon and egg smoothie and you'll be in like gin... now that's game playa.