“Words like ‘tough’ and ‘honest’ don’t quite do justice to the fiction of Paula Bomer. These stories bleed, yes, but that’s because they brawl. The real housewives of Bomerworld break themselves and break your heart and yet never completely lose their soulful dignity.”
Sam Lipsyte, author of The Ask

“I love that Paula Bomer writes her characters into difficult situations and does terrible things to them. These stories contain a rare emotional honesty and brutality.”
Michael Kimball, author of Dear Everybody

“I know I’m reading something really great when I have to stop and put the book down and think for a while before I can pick it up again. This is rare. It also happened at least twice per story in Paula Bomer’s excellent collection, Baby. Buy it, read it, put it down while you admire her skill and charm and honesty, and then pick it back up and continue reading. You might want to leave a page unread, just so it won’t be completely over, at least until she publishes her next collection.”
Mary Miller, author of Big World

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