Ugly Them

for Scott

as a survivor of more than I could
ever hope to explain, I understand
very little: pain, how little

our thresholds really mean
and loyalty (taught by omission)
so I have no real words for

saying I love you other than
to say if anyone ever hurts you
in my presence, though you

know these battered streets
at least as well as I, I will hurt
them worse, I’ll fight on

all fours and use my teeth
I’ll scar them inside and out
so the world will know

their ugliness.


  1. this tore a hole in my mind and filled the void with ink and awesome.

  2. I got you, playah. I think the day we first started talking poetry itself knew: oh shit, I'm in trouble! One love, superpoet.

  3. Such an awesome poem. I like how tight it is. I love the lines "I'll fight on/all fours..."