Told from the perspective of the main character, Scout.

Written by a legitimate 6th grader on a Saturday afternoon, two days before it is due when he'd rather be playing Xbox Live with his friends.

Hello my gay name is scout. my real name is jean Louis finch and im a boy-girl. I like dill who wears his pants up to his chest and hides in CABBAGE PATCHES! my brother Jem thinks dill is hardcore but really he gets beaten up by a drunk man and gets pantsed by a FENCE WHILE WEARING OVERALS. then for some reason im wearing a ham costume. back to where my brother thinks he is hardcore….after he gets pantsed by A FENCE he gets beat up by a drunk man and then out of nowhere A MENTALLY RETARDED GUY named boo comes out and stabs the drunk man while I sit by a tree in my ham costume doing nothing but watching my brother get his butt kicked by some drunk guy who then gets beat up by A MENTALLY RETARDED MAN named boo. Then boo runs home with my brother and hides behind a door like the loser he is. After that I sat down on my rocking chair. Then boo comes and sits next to me and I leave because who wants to sit next to a murderous retard. I then tell my dad…atticus…that it would kind of be like shooting a mocking bird if he told on boo but really it wouldn’t be like shooting a mocking bird because mocking birds sing and boo radley stabs people with kitchen knives and scissors while he cuts newspapers. Anyways why in the first place would he have a kitchen knife when he was following the kids unless HE was going to kill them.this is how I feel about this book. It wasn’t even half worth it and I could have spent my time reading a shorter book that WAS worth it. I don’t know why it won the Pulitzer prize or whatever. Probably cause the guy who made it up was reading this book while poo-ing and POOlitser was the sound that his poo made as it slipped out his butthole.


  1. HAHAHAHA! X, if I was a retard, I'd want you and only you to write about me. Hmmm, maybe you should write about me.

    P.S. Before anyone dares complain, my cousin's retarded so I got a tard pass, suckaz.

  2. i didn't write this, actually. it was really a sixth grader.