Watch N Write

The two year old is smoking and we are shocked but then we think it’s okay because he is brown and because he is not speaking English. We are white and we drive cars to jobs and we have floors that do not become mud, ever. We are taught and we have daycare and we do word jumbles in the newspaper that we are able to read. We know better. We do not give our two year olds cigarettes. We are shocked but we watch. He is so brown and so fat and there is a blah blah blah of some low rent language in the background so we tell ourselves they don’t know better. They are a stupid people. They are not as good as us and so they have an excuse. We watch the brown baby smoke like a forty year old and we are glad he is theirs and not ours. Ours are better. Ours will smoke later, but not now and that makes it okay because of our skin and our knowledge. They are lesser. We watch them from the other side of the glass. We point, we laugh, we say wait, let me get my camera and then we get upset when we miss the shot of them flinging their shit at us; our superior selves. But we still laugh because they don’t know any better; oh those poor people. We tire after a few minutes, amusement spent. We X out. We walk away in white Adidas, so clean that it’s a shame they ever have to touch the ground.


  1. i let my four year old take a hit of a black n mild. she didnt much like it...

    and for the record. i have black converse. fuck adidas. werd.

  2. Are we sure that's a 2-year-old? He's very dexterous.