Top 10 Adventures in the eWorld Last Week

Spot-on review in SFWeekly of Friday night's Quiet Lightning 6, one of the best readings I’ve seen all year & a decent overview of the San Francisco Bay Area’s fired-up literary community. Featured
authors: Jon Longhi, Paul Corman-Roberts, Sarah Fran Wisby, Jennifer Joseph, M.G. Martin, Stephen Elliott, Beth Lisick, Andrew Paul Nelson, Daphne Gottlieb, Joshua Mohr, Nic Alea & Michelle Tea. Here's the show I saw. Here's some archival footage from series founder Evan Karp. Here's more.

Boston Globe Q&A with Dave Eggers: "A Modern Master of the Literary Universe." Mas o menos?

An even better take on Mr. Eggers by Elizabeth Ellen at Book Slut.

An astonishingly info-packed multimedia breakdown of "postmodernism" by A D Jameson at Big Other.

When NY Tyrant's Giancarlo DiTrapano confessed how "Confederacy of Dunces" turned him gay, I called bullshit then I had to eat my words after the Tyrant assured me in an email: "I have never written anything more true in my life." Lit scene D-R-A-M-A on the Paris Review blog.

The Most Beautiful Women in the World (and a pretty good song, too, by State Radio).

Feminist Frequency’s Bechdel Test for Women in Movies. I wonder how this would play out on the bookshelf. Any takers?

Goth through the ages.

Jane Mount's "Ideal Bookshelves" paintings on display now at the Curiosity Shoppe.

Stoner Wisdom from Scientists.

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