Do you have a writerly-type crush?

I think I have a crush on Jesse Ball. It is the kind of crush where I wish he was the size of a Polly Pocket doll and I could keep him and he would live in a little world that I had fashioned out of plastic and cardboard.


  1. Good question! Jesse Ball -- I like. I can't say who mine is because my fiance (Sean, who actually began as a serious writer crush and still is) might read this. Hmm. :)

  2. I'm disappointed that more folks didn't at least attempt to answer this question. I have another one.

  3. I just had a few concerns about the length of my list... I mean, we're talking about piles of these little dolls dumped out on the living room floor with lost shoes and mixed up tangled limbs...Bucket 'o crushies.