3 weeks ago his hand was still warm.


3 weeks ago I met Richard Dunn standing outside of a medical marijuana dispensary. I walked out of the Liberty Bell Temple on Hollywood Blvd to find him standing outside. Just standing.

Richard informed me he was waiting for his friend. I normally don't give much attention to actors but when I saw the "Tim and Eric" regular, I got giddy and exclaimed, "You're Richard Fucking Dunn!" We talked for a good 10 minutes until his friend, who was from the show also, came out to greet us. The friend was a nice 40 years younger than him, black, attractive and female.

Richard had a general nature about him. He felt like a basset hound in a suit.


  1. his death really fucked with my mind.

    i am realizing more and more each day that death is

  2. motherfucker knew how to sing.

  3. there were bugs living in his mouth