Bored Reader

When I'm excited about a book or author and someone says, "Oh that's interesting," in that vague, bored voice I grow to hate them. There are very few things that enrage me so (One being violent kitten abuse).

As I was reading excerpts of Pastoralia and growing more and more excited about George Saunders, I of course shared my new excitement with anyone online at the time. One of these people read a few paragraphs and responded, "interesting," and began to talk of other things.

Nothing is more frustrating than someone not sharing my excitement over an author or book. Even my boyfriend, who isn't a big reader, has learned to fake it or incur my wrath. It's okay if you don't like what I'm talking about. It's okay if you dislike it strongly. What I can't stand is apathy. I will spit you out of my mouth, bored reader.


  1. So, i have been tested. I passed with sluggish colors I guess. hahaha

  2. we can still be friends. though i'm waiting on those naked pictures.

  3. and i'm still waiting on your zombie story. BOOM! THAT JUST HAPPENED! hee

  4. How is it that many of us writer types end up with non-reader partners (or with partners whose reading tastes differ widely from our own)?