Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996)

He would have been 39 today. If you don't miss him terribly, you don't know who he is. I could have said was, but cuz, if you knew what I knew, you'd say "is" too. Enjoy a sestina....

Dead Black Male: Story at 7 (Sestina for Pac)

One more dead man of black
descent, born behind the social 8-
ball. A music and film star, shot.
He’d been shot and shot before,
became a living martyr to me.
At birth, he knew where he’d go to.

Death had eyes wide for Tu-
Pac Shakur. And Pac, a black
male, had that All Eyez on Me
mentality, even if they looked like hate.
So, he stole the rights of white fore-
fathers, tried to “give a nigga a shot”.

But this time the bullets were shot
on backyard soil... far too close to
home. Boy, Pac, was it hard for
you, fresh from that Tyson fight? Black
male dead ... news served the dust he ate.
I choked on the shit Chris told me.

Wait, what are you saying to me?
Chris, how many times was he shot?
Call me: 388-8258
Chris did. It didn’t ring two
times before I grabbed that gloss-black
cordless, quick. Talked/cried till 4.

What would they do this for?
It looks like Makavelli’s looking at me,
from the passenger side seat of a black
BMW 750i in his last known photo shot.
En route to a party and death too,
you pulled alongside the rear-viewed fate.

The seven year theory died when eight
years passed… and now another four.
I guess there’s no coming back to-
night, Tupac Shakur, and it killed me
and the world when you got shot.
…one dead, 25 year old male, black…

Ashes to ashes, this young Panther ate
nearly all words shot at him before,
but he left me a door open, and you too.

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