On Graphite and Graphemes

I will be brief. Some other day, perhaps, I will be boxer.

Graphite is the stuff we make into pencil lead. Torture it sufficiently--crush it and press it--and it turns to diamond. Under asteroid conditions, the pressure and heat is sometimes sufficient to create black diamond, which is really neat. Typically, graphite is black.

Graphemes are the individual letters and symbols that make up a written language. Every single character I type is a grapheme.

Some people possess grapheme-color synesthesia, which is really cool. It's the condition of experiencing letters and numbers as being inherently possessed of colors. For example, "A is red," or "8 is blue."

Since I am not a grapheme-color synesthete, I experience these graphemes I am typing as being graphite-colored.

That is all for now.

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