Schizophrenia, unrequited love & death like store bought candy.

I was stricken with the flu this weekend. My girlfriend was nice enough to take care of me. During the down time I watched three movies: Starship Troopers; Clean, Shaven; Fallen Angels.

What is it with Paul Verhoeven that makes me want to violently punch him in the face and then kiss the bloody wound?

"Clean, Shaven" was the next film I watched. I went in with no expectations about this movie and had bought it on a whim based on Criterion putting it out. This movie about a schizophrenic's journey is intense and mesmerizing. The below clip has more dialogue than most of the film:

The third film in my flu haze, which really is the only way to watch this film, was "Fallen Angels" by the now infamous Wong Kar Wai. This movie is the most stylistic from Wong but it also has one of the weakest narratives. Still, it is highly recommended by me:

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