Do you hate everything as much as I hate everything? Because I hate everything a lot.

I just got home, super excited to make myself a taco salad or burrito bowl, whatever you want to call it. I'm trying to be healthier-ish, so I went sans dairy. I was sooooo excited. I was running up the stairs to my apartment, avocados in hand, ready to devour my soon-to-be-created meal masterpiece. And you know what? It was bland. Flavorless. The avocados were less than awesome. I found some salsa cups from a local Mexican restaurant in my fridge and poured that on top, not sure of the expiration date or age of the salsa, but more concerned about needing some flavor(!) in my meal.

Ugh, I hate everything, don't you? I'm sitting here thinking that I don't actually know anyone who in any way considers themselves an artist who is satisfied/happy about things. If they are, I question them, I do.

If some happy artist had my burrito bowl for dinner, they probably would've been all "yum! veggies!" and I would have to put chili powder in their cereal.


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  1. Avocados are one of like only three things that make me happy, so encountering a bland one would inspire me to hatred, also.