My man, Matthew Blasi, Superhero and Superwriter, started a blog dedicated to both the superhero and to the comics where they can be found. Here's a snippet from his debut post where he discusses his initial introduction to Wolverine:

"Wolverine, doused in blood on the cover, with spikes sticking out of his hand (Barry Windsor Smith would later say something along those lines), looking pissed, ready to kick ass, take names. And the shit hits the fan from page one. We open on a 9 panel spread depicting a village littered with dead bodies, villagers and soldiers both. The seventh, eighth, and ninth panel usher in the action, as unseen figures lift the dead and prepare a funeral pyre. We catch a glimpse of what looks like a blade housed in a wrist sheath, and a costumed hand holding a torch. The next page brings together the previous page’s action with full-page splash panel of Wolverine and two comrades standing feet away from the blazing pyre, staring into the fire’s light. Threaded through these are images are the call and response inner questions of Wolverine: “What is Rumika [. . .] Ramika’s a funeral pyre. And I’m the undertaker. And chief mourner” (1-3). The immediate impression was simple: sorrow, loss, revenge that woudn’t stop at simply nabbing crooks. In fact, Batman’s crooks seemed suddenly small, petty. Sure, Joker and Two-Face were scary. But Wolverine’s foes would slaughter a whole village, men, women, and children, just to get at him. Wolverine wasn’t dealing with crooks and capers. He was dealing with genocide. This wasn’t Batman playing detective, leaving his foes tied up under a street lamp for the Gotham PD to haul in. This wasn’t Spider-Man cracking jokes and courting Mary Jane. This looked like (and still looks like) serious superhero nastiness."

So yeah, that's what he does. Stop by when you get a chance. Read it, love it, embrace it, then read it again. May the force be with you (I think that's from Star Wars, but I digress).


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