People say LA isn't a writing town. I don't get this sentiment. Do they mean there aren't bullshit parties with publishers to attend? The type of party where you drink yourself to death because it is the only way to keep the mock smile plastered on your pathetic face? Man we totally have those here but the producers put them on, not the publishers.

And there is a lot more pussy and better drugs at these parties.

Or do they mean there is nothing worthy of writing about here? Pics of some shit from the boulevard:


  1. Somewhere around here I have a picture from my time in L.A. It's a sandwich board with a piece of yellow paper taped to it. On the front, in crayon, is written "Hollywood. Best Chinese Restaurant. GORGEOUS. Marvelous Chinese Food! 20 meters" and a big red arrow. I love that picture. One of my favorites. This post makes me kinda miss L.A. Kinda.

  2. these are awesome photos. this is my first time seeing most of them! i'm impressssssseddddd! :D

    p.s. richard dunn. :(

  3. I love the person with the exploded calf / anklemeat.

  4. And the girl with the lime green boots, fuck.

  5. the pimp was from the morning of the post. i spotted him while waiting for the bus.

    always ride the bus in la if you want to observe people.

    cars are for suckers.