"One must pay dearly for immortality: one has to die several times while still alive."


  1. i like the inspirational nietzsche posts. :)

  2. I'm kind of surprised that he would say that, even in jest. You know, given.

  3. lynn, do you want to know what book it is from?

  4. Jereme,

    OK let me backtrack since I see that in making a quickie flip remark, it prompted you to conclude that I am unfamiliar with philosophy 101.

    When I say I am surprised, it is because of the paradox and near-irony of drawing a distinction related to Christ buttressed by cumulative persecutions. I do accept many of the scholarly "motives" attributed to EH, but you have to chuckle about some of the more, er, over the top subjects.

    I recall one essay, fuck if I can remember who by, where this work was seen as the winding down apology, on the brink of revisionist.

    Now Jereme, I'd be curious to know where you stand on this question.

  5. Lynne you miss understand me. It was an earnest question. Your question is academic dick measuring and I am not interested. I just really like nietzsche. I read him every day. Sorry if I offended you but I'm not sure what I did.

  6. Well you should not assume that people don't know the books you quote from, and even worse- that they couldn't google it if they wanted to.

    I'm no expert on Nietzsche by any stretch but have read several books so my question is not really toward dick measuring as much as being happy to find somebody who seems interested to discuss these matters with.

  7. hahaha, okay. i didn't assume anything. i had no expectations.

    you said you were surprised at the quote. one who is familiar with the work wouldn't be surprised since the quote is in the work.


    i was actually being friendly. i don't really give a fuck about the whole work of that book. the title of the post is about a quote. a quote is by definition out of context. i think there is plenty of power in those words out of context and within.

    but my aim here was for the words to just be read out of context and to give birth to independent thought.

    man i fucked that up.

    or wait.


    i didn't. someone else did.