I go through fits of insomnia. No matter what I do, I simply can't sleep. Sometimes sleep will come but within 60-90 minutes I'll be wide awake, staring at a ceiling I don't really care to stare at.

Last weekend was one of those times.

The sun began its ascent. I felt restless as the light illuminated the grease of the Hollywood horizon. The restlessness comes and goes too.

At its worse I feel like grabbing a shotgun and going for the cure.

This particular morning I borrowed Gena's camera instead and headed out my door towards the morning.

I followed the sidewalk to the rural area below the Griffith Observatory. It is some sort of weird park. But like everything in Hollywood, it feels subnormal.

My original plan was to take pictures of the sun. I'm not sure why, it's a dumb thing to take pictures of, but that was my goal.

Instead I stumbled upon two homeless guys waking to the crushing daylight.

They seemed nice enough so I talked to them. We talked about weed and homelessness. Capturing genuine people on film is on of my hobbies. They were nice enough to oblige.

Down farther I found two more homeless men sitting on a blanket in the grass. A tent was constructed behind them like some sort of warm weather igloo. I explained the same sentiment about my desire to photograph them. They obliged also.

The guys I met that morning treated me like a human being. Something I have not experienced much when meeting "literary" people.

Some like to treat the homeless like an undesired plague. I never understand why. They have the same beating heart the rest of us do.

The only designation I see is alive or dead; anything else is ego.


  1. and if you are going to bitch this isn't literary barry you can suck my dick.

  2. kirjallisuus voi imeä munaa.

  3. Ha, Barry is nothing BUT heart. I can't imagine how you could possibly not realize that, but I guess I know him better than most folks. Anyhoo, great work, man.

  4. peter if you think i don't love barry then you are a fucking moron. wait. let me rephrase that, you are a fucking moron.

    regardless of how much i love barry or how big his heart is his past passive aggressive actions towards me still stand.

    i'm just squashing the shit before it starts.

    you on the other hand only know passive aggression so i guess i have to accept it from you.

    i expect more from barry.

    glad you liked it!

  5. You sweet little assumption maker! Where in my words did I say you didn't love him? Calling me a fucking moron only makes you look like a fucking moron, but I understand: this is schtick to you. I'll just keep making real moves to promote the site as you do shit like this because you think you're some kind of genius for realizing that arguments translate into hits. Personally, I don't think those hits are worth it. For someone so obsessed with this idea of "being authentic," that's a pretty corny move.

  6. kind of was going to say i love the photographs but maybe i'll come back later.

  7. hi ani! gimmie a sec.

    peter, nothing is schtick with me. i am an individual. this is who i am. you think i care about hits to a website? are you fucking serious? i don't even have a stat counter on my own blog. why would i care about this place?

    i am here because my friend barry asked me to come and be a part of something he was doing. my immediate response was "people aren't going to get along with me. i don't think its a good idea." barry told me, "fuck them."

    i am here compromising myself as an act of love for barry. i don't want to be here. i don't want to be a part of any system.

    i loathe majorities and their precious systems.

    all you do is promote yourself here. you don't give a fuck about this site; you give a fuck about peter schwartz. that's it. so save me the dramatics about clandestine "moves" and the assorted spy game bullshit that's in your moronic head.

    what is this nonsense that i create arguments for affect?

    all of my previous posts have been about promoting another person or an idea. i have not done anything negative.

    what i am guilty of is not putting up with passive aggressive attacks against my self.

    i refuse to allow such transgressions. that shit is on you guys. not me.

    when have i ever said i care about being authentic? i have never used the word in any writing published or otherwise. it isn't in my vocabulary. i use genuine or individual.

    i do not wake up thinking, "how can i make people notice i am genuine."

    i am just genuine. i have learned the power of being a true individual; to not compromise myself for a majority.

    nietzche taught me that.

    frank hinton said i was authentic. i have never even talked to that dude, but she seems cool.

    you are a jealous creature peter schwartz and i am not going to put up with it.

    i am the dragon and you are a peasant of the village.

    that's how different our realm of thought is. if you want to inform an opinion of me, then talk to me.

    by the way brandi wells says you're a dick and that everyone else thinks you're a dick too.

    (i love brandi wells)

    oh and gena thinks you are a dick.

    other people too but i do not know if i am allowed to say it or not.

    but there are others who think you are a dick.

    if i am not wanted here, let me know. i'll be glad to go. no ill feelings.

    but i will post the poem you requested peter. look for it! i wasn't going to but you earned it.

    punk ass bitch.

    ani, hi! not bad for a guy who is legally blind?

  8. “…an undesired plague,” nay, my fellow earthling...the Homeless are a WARNING, a threat to all nonhomeless that it may happen to YOU if’in ye dare NOT to tow-the-line of our CULTure.

    Now, that was truly stewpid.

  9. jereme. haha. im not sure how i was being passive aggressive? but im sure your definition and explaination are valid i just dont get it myself.

    the rest of this shit is silly. how can anyone, brandi or jereme or peter or gena or anyone determine whether or not a person is or is not something based on facebook and blogger comments. i get told im a dick so many times in a day its ridiculous to even comment on it. am i a dick? probably. do i care if people say it based on internet comments? of course not.

    i think everyone i invited to blog here is real and genuine and informative and insightful and important otherwise i wouldnt have asked. personalities mix and mingle in all sorts of ways. it happens. it would just be a tragedy if people let this shit seep into their beings and let it influenced how they interact with people they really dont know.

  10. okay barry, for you i'll let it go one last time.

    the next time i am not going to allow my character to be subverted. i will handle it. period.

    i am going to be honest. i'm taking what you say with a grain of salt. i mean, this coming from the person who has issued physical threats to tao lin over an online chat session has to know where i'm coming from.

    to a degree.

  11. Jereme, seek medical help. Your words are so infused with paranoia, delusion, assumption, pain, and confusion. I guess doctors are just another group you need to rebel against, but you must be miserable carrying around all this shit. I was going to call you out on the outright lies you spewed here but honestly, all I can do is feel sad for you. The world can be a much brighter place than the one you're living in.

  12. you don't know when to to shut the fuck up peter.

    i guess living in your mother's basement affords such a quality.

    i'll see you at awp.

    by the way, let me make it clear, for those who have no sense of respect, if you are collaborating with me on a site you best damn better be stupid fb friends with me if you are going to perv on my girl and suddenly be her friend.

    and if you disfriend me because you got butt hurt over something i said about a stupid contest, peter, you best damn well not perv on my girl after the fact.

    it's a matter of respect. something i shouldn't have to fucking explain to you morons.

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  15. i already saw what you said little bitch.

    i'll see you at awp.

    believe that.

  16. Cool. We can be individuals together! Can't wait.