Here's some recycle from the internet:

Scott McClanahan is reading in NYC tonight. Scott is the bitch's bastard, a real mad dog in the rain. Here he is showing the young what being a man is about:

A human being made a short video about PANK. I am unsure why. What to expect in this video: asshole typewriter; masturbation; blazer & t-shirt; not Kristy Logan; book fragrance; park bench romantics; DR. ROXANE GAY; words; fun; overrated author; 80,000; tits on the beach; honey bear; trying not to look at the camera; dorking out; sexy answers; computers; emotional distancing.

Pank is one of the few journals I actually read. Peep the vid below.

According to facebook, xTx is now single. I am unsure what this means since she is an internet chick. I guess I/we can make believe I/we am/are in a shitty relationship with her. Yay for me/us.

Here's an alleged picture of her armpit:

Greg Giraldo is a comedian. Comedians write jokes. Here he is performing said jokes:

Greg no longer exists, but did yesterday.

In case you are wondering what passion is, I have brought an example. Someone give this sunset a pen:

A thousand people have already told him he "can't" do anything with his life. 25% of which have an MFA. Go figure.


  1. i just realized scott is probably reading right now. i am really bad at promotional efforts. i am sorry.

  2. For the record Jereme MADE me not shave my armpit for the picture. Normally my pits are mostly hairless.

  3. fuck yes to everything in this post, including the title.

    extra fuck yes to unshaved armpits.

  4. lol, if i had the sway to MAKE you do, you would be naked in this here photo picture.

    or at least in bra and panties.

  5. This is probably my favorite post on here evah.

    And xTx, you look very pretty, your parts. xo

  6. Also, I'd like one of my organs to be reconstituted as Scott McClanahan's voice.

  7. thanks donora, and i also would like my organs to be of the same substance as scott's voice.

  8. scott dehydrates the gleam for sure.