A.D. (part 2)

like moonlight on crutches, we walk right

out of ourselves, goodbye for a few nights until we

boomerang back

a little bit more frostbitten than the time before

but mourning this fact only prolongs that absence

and really it's nothing new

we've been fingerprinted for extinction

right from the start


  1. Where is AD (part 1)? I feel like I need the pre-story. I have an compulsion about things in order. Please and thank you.

    And.."moonlight on crutches", yes!

  2. Hmmm. I didn't call this part 2 so much because it's connected to the first A.D. but rather because I remembered I already had a piece called A.D. and didn't want the two to be confused. Lame? Well, let me make up for it by sharing the link to the first A.D. regardless: http://www.robotmelon.com/issuefive/pschwartz2.html. Sorry and thanks...