Wherein I End Up Answering My Own Question

First of all, this is the best song ever. It’s catchy. The words are easy to remember, and you can dance to it.

Second of all and third of all; see first of all.

I heard that the story behind this was that this rap guy made the video before the lyrics to the song were complete. He had the actual music down, but none of the words. All of the mumbled nonsensical blatherings were just acting as placeholders until he could write the actual lyrics.

I am attempting Nanowrimo and I fear I am using the same approach. I’m sort of writing the music, setting the groove, the tone and having sexy ladies dance about showing everything but their naughty bits.

But the words… The lyrics…. Well, they’re sounding a lot like this guy’s.

I feel like I’m just writing a bunch of words to get the mandatory count down with the thinking that later, when I can go back and edit, I will be able to put in the words that SHOULD be there. I feel like a large majority of these words are simply placeholders. I am using a lot of simple adjectives and adverbs. Simple nouns and sentences. Mainly because I don’t have the time to put in the added care and effort that I normally do because of the write-a- minimum-of-1,600-words-a-day urgency.

So, I guess what I’m asking myself now is; is it worth making the song if it turns out like this dude’s?

Maybe the answer is, sure. Perhaps, it’s a good starting point; a satisfactory base for something that has potential to be good. I mean, honestly, I find myself humming the words (question mark) to this little ditty as I go about my day. I enjoy the song, as is. Maybe the addition of actual lyrics would take something away from its current charm. Maybe lyrics would make it more awesome. Either way, I guess what this is all telling me is; just fucking write, bitch.