I've recently quit eating meat products that cannot survive in the water. I made the final decision the day after I watched Food Inc. It was something that I'd been thinking about for a while. Sometimes when I was eating a hamburger or some chicken I would think about my cats or my 3.5 lb Chihuahua and I would feel like a murderer. It was pretty easy because I am not overly fond of meat, except for hamburgers.

Hamburgers are the only meat I miss. I've tried veggie burgers and black bean burgers and even the veggie burger that comes from Burger King. That was the most disgusting burger. It tasted like a spicy crouton sandwich.

To fulfill my needs I have been looking at this site, A Hamburger Today. The site says today is National Hamburger Day. It is a sad day.


  1. Here are some burgers for you Brandi


  2. Sad indeed. I love hamburgers so much I could cry.

  3. I'm not going to make some slimey meat joke that makes people think of my penis. I'm just not. I was a vegetarian for about 5 years starting in college and then one day saw some fried chicken and impulsively ate it. Anyway, in honor of your meat celibacy, I won't be eating any meat for the next 3 hours. Keep the faith.

  4. i like "meat celibacy."

    where are those naked pictures xTx?

  5. i ate in-n-out burger on my birthday.

    you are fucking missing out.

  6. i had in n out yesterday and mcdonalds today. don't hate.

    brandi. i have no naked pics. only semi-clothed. i will post them later and then take them down and then post them and then take them down.

  7. Hamburgers AND various stages of nekkid? You're a creature after my own heart, xTx.